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מיטת עיסוי באבני ג'ייד חמות

Jade Thermotherapy Massage Bed

Now in The Caesarea Pain Center - The Jade Thermotherapy Massage Bed.  A synergistic combination of modern technology with the proven healing powers of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Infrared Therapy.

Treatment consists of massage combined with Infrared - radiant heat, which is transmitted through Jade rollers and an epoxy–carbon panel. A semi-precious gem stone, Jade is used in Chinese medicine to stimulate the Qi, the life force in our body.  One of the special attributes of Jade is its ability to conserve heat and pass it on. Helium bulbs pass light energy through the Jade, which then transforms this into infrared, radiant beaming rays. The infrared-radiant heat penetrates several inches into the body, through the tissues into the deep muscles and the essential internal organs.

At the same time, the Jade rollers move along the spine and legs, while applying pressure, massage, stretching and heat. As the internal projectors move throughout the body during the treatment, they free up the energy channels (Meridians), relax the back muscles, improve blood circulation and promote the smooth flow of Qi.  This action encourages and speeds up recovery in cases such as strained muscles, back pain, joint pain, general aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, poor blood circulation, as well as facilitating fat dissolving and toxic cleansing.  In cases of tensed deep tissue muscles, the infrared rays encourage elimination of toxins that block proper blood flow to these areas.
The principle of applying heat to Acupuncture points and Meridians is a therapeutic method of Chinese medicine called Moxibustion or Moxa. The Chinese have used this method to strengthen the body during a cold and as a preventative treatment. Moxa is based on the stimulation of Bio-active points in the human body, by applying heat on them. Heating by Moxa causes physiological and bio-chemical responses, opens a blocked flow of energy in the Meridians and strengthens the immune system.
The special heating unit of the bed radiates infrared-radiant heat, in wavelengths that are most appropriate to the human body. The heating system consists of both an epoxy–carbon panel, which increases the effect of Moxibustion in the back and the lower body and projectors which produce infrared-radiant heat, throughout the roll of Jade stones.

תראפיה באמצעות לייזר רך

LLLT- Low Level Laser Treatment

Soft laser is a low level laser beam in the range of 1-1000mW. It is monochromatic

(has one defined wavelength, and is coherent) and moves in one phase and in one direction. The soft laser affects the skin's surface and simultaneously penetrates the skin without heating or hurting the skin.

Soft laser treatment stimulates the bodys' natural healing mechanisms on a cellular and systemic level. As a result, every type of cell receives the energy required for its optimal functioning in the body, thus allowing it to "self-heal" and naturally overcome specific problems, whether it be back pain, inflammation, wounds, or needed skin renewal and rejuvenation.

When the body absorbs the laser beam, a number of simultaneous chain reactions occur: blood flow invigoration, cell activity excitation and intensification of inter-cell communication.

During the past few years the use of soft lasers has been adopted by Acupuncturists as an additional tool to the traditional treatment with needles. While needle Acupuncture requires locating precise points, the laser beam naturally covers a larger area and thus always acts on the right spot. The soft laser beam is non-invasive, does not cause pain, and has the ability to deeply penetrate bones, tendons, and muscles. 

Low level laser treatments are used by therapists all over the world, especially for treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal pains, motor problems, swelling, joint cartilage problems, inflammation and injured soft tissues.

Soft laser is also used in Esthetics: since it accelerates the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin, it plays an effective role in skin rejuvenation, anti aging and wrinkle fading.

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