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Patient Testimonials

I have had recurring neck pain for years and have tried many things to ease the pain. Nothing worked. I never believed in alternative medicine but after three acupuncture treatments I was pain free. I now go regularly to Dr. Goldman-Riddle for preventative treatment, I feel great and I have no pain."

Michel A., Caesarea

"On a recent 3 week visit to Israel I experience pain in my inner thigh. The pain radiated down my leg and impaired my ability to walk. After one treatment of acupuncture the pain lessened and after two treatments with Dr. Goldman-Riddle I was able to return to my regular exercise program. I am grateful to her."

Lilah D., Vancouver, BC

"בתקופה קשה מאד בחיי, כאוס מוחלט, המערכת החיסונית בגופי נחלשה מאד. שפעת קלה הפכה להיות גן של פריחות ופרחים לא נעימים. אני מאמינה בטיפול שאינו דורש הכנסת כימיקלים מיותרים לגוף, הגעתי אל הקוסמת-הפיה הטובה אילת, ובמספר טיפולים מועט עליתי על דרך המלך. במשך שנים מספר המשכתי לבקר אישה נפלאה זו שעשתה קסם בגופי, על מנת לחזק את המערכת החיסונית, לשחרר חסימות ושרירים. גם היום כשגופי משדר "אני חלש" התגובה המיידית שלי היא "אני צריכה את אילת". אשה נפלאה תהיי לי בריאה - גם כדי שגם אני אהיה בריאה."

לילי ב., חיפה

"I have suffered for years from multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities. Finding relief has been difficult, but since meeting Dr. Goldman-Riddle and having weekly treatments my allergies are much less severe. I am now able to handle stress better, my immune system is much stronger and I get colds and the flu far less often. I've become a big fan of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have seen the positive effect it can have on a person's health."

Danita D., Even Yehuda

"I was having a lot of pain, suffering with sciatica. Someone said try acupuncture and with a great deal of skepticism I went to Ayelet. I mean what would it do for someone to stick pins in me, apart from hurt? After my first treatment, lo and behold, it didn't hurt. In fact, I never felt a thing and was happy to go back again. Then all of a sudden I didn't need to go again as my sciatica had gone. This was a couple of years ago and it has not come back. So I wholeheartedly and completely recommend Ayelet."

Edward S., Caesarea

"I am a retired homeopath-naturopath. When I myself seek some help from a colleague, I chose them with care. I received good treatment from an acupuncturist in Caesarea. Her name is: Ayelet Goldman-Riddle and I can certainly recommend her."

Claire C., Zichron Yaakov

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